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Forging Without Fire, Eloquent Words Bond Souls For Eternity


The Realm Series


The Realm

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The Realm: Rise of the Demon Prince 

The Realm - The Master's Ring (Front Cov

The Realm: The Chess Master's Ring

Poetry Books

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Time Frozen Mirrors

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The Cutting Room Floor

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Black October

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The King of Wordplay

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Dreams of Glass

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Half A Truth, Half A Lie

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Short Story Collection


The Art of Time

Fictional Section

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Crumpet Court Chronicles

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Review: The Realm Series

Brilliantly crafted books that will leave readers anxious for more!

-Book Tweet

Review: The Realm

I gobble up every fantasy novel I come across. I loved the fast pacing and all of the characters! It was definitely a page-turner and I can’t wait for more.

-Amazon Reader Review

Review: The Realm

It's a great, fun read! Makes me feel like a kid again!

-Book Reader Magazine

Review: The Realm Series 

& Interview

Review: The Realm Series

If you like reading anything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings you will love these books!


Review: Author and The Realm

Amazing author! Make sure to read this book.

- The Children's Book Review

- Mike (FaceBook Reader and Fan)

Dakota McElhinny Bio, Books & More

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Dakota McElhinny also spent time growing up in Morganton, North Carolina. Between the two, he gained the ‘bustling city life’ and ‘rural country life’ experience. After receiving his Associate of Arts degree from Western Piedmont Community College, he obtained his Bachelor of Science from North Greenville University. In addition, Dakota holds a certification in Old Norse Mythology from the University of Colorado, and a certification in Magic in the Middle Ages from the University of Barcelona.


A lover of genealogy, Dakota is a descendant of several of the Mayflower Pilgrims, giving him familial ties to famed authors, poets, and writes such as: Ernest Hemingway, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry David Thoreau, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Currently, he resides in South Carolina, where he serves as Secretary for the South Carolina Writer’s Association; for fun, he also holds a Sealand Knighthood from the Principality of Sealand.


His poetry and short stories have been featured in five different anthologies. "Let My Love" debuted in North Greenville University's The Mountain Laurel (2015); "Box Full of Wishes" appeared in Z Publishing's South Carolina's Best Emerging Poets (2017); and "Beyond One Step" appeared in Z Publishing's America's Emerging Poets 2018: Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas (2018).  "Tea For One" debuted in Z Publishing's South Carolina Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction (2018); and "Thamar" appeared in Z Publishing's South Carolina's Emerging Scientific Fiction and Fantasy Writers: The Deep South (2019).


To date, he has thirteen independently published works, including The Realm (2016), The Realm: Rise of the Demon Prince (2017), and The Realm: The Chess Master's Ring (2020) which make up his Middle-Grade Epic Fantasy, The Realm Series. Time Frozen Mirrors (2018), Black October (2019), Dreams of Glass (2020), The Cutting Room Floor (2021) Half a Truth, Half a Lie (2022), and Envoi (2023) are his six poetry compilations. The Art of Time (2020) is his sole short story compilation; and Crumpet Court Chronicles (2021) is his stand-alone book in the magical realism genre.


                                                                                      Fun Facts Speed Round

Book: Taran Wanderer (Chronicles of Prydain)                                                  Author: C. S. Lewis

Movie: In The Name Of The Father                                                                      TV Show: Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch Series)

Musician/Band: Ronnie James Dio                                                                        Song: Catch the Rainbow (Rainbow)

Favorite Realm Character: Lars                                                                             Favorite Poem Written: Kota's Lullaby



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